Samir Mandal was in the show ‘Nostalgia of Indian Steam Locomotives’…


One of the most renowned Indian contemporary artist Samir Mondal was in the show “Nostalgia of Indian Steam Locomotives”, which is a series of paintings by Kishore Pratim Biswas, at Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery in Mumbai, India. It was remarkable feeling to see the paintings by Kishore, who is passionately painting Indian steam locomotives for last 25 years. He tried to expose the 60’s Indian railways.

SamirMondal and KishorePratimBiswas

Whether it’s about collecting of Indian Railways from early 60’s, or celebrating the Nostalgia of Indian Steam Locomotives. Every glimpse of the paintings is representing the Indian Railways and the community like; firemen, drivers, rail workers and others.

Samir Mondal

The paintings is remembering the nostalgia of Mr. Mondal, was shearing his old memories with locomotives in the show….

Samir Mondal

Upcoming Indian contemporary artist, Kishore took up to paint the series of “Nostalgia Of Indian Steam Locomotives” more that 25 years. Recently it is exhibited in India and abroad. Even though Kishore has a long way to go, his paintings are slowly making their way into the homes of collectors of modern Indian art. 


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