“Indian Steam Locomotives out of Museum” You can view it at Lalit Laka Akademi, Delhi

An one man of Kishore Pratim Biswas at Lalit Kala Akademy, Delhi from 26th Dec 2015 to 1st Jan 2016. It’s a series of acrylic painting on Indian Steam Locomotives…


The story an old memory of Kishore Pratim Biswas, who was born in a place called Kolkata, India where he had a opportunity to watch the STEAM LOCOMOTIVES throughout the day. The locomotives were running with the whistling and steaming around him. For him it’s a nostalgia.


Indian upcoming contemporary artist, Kishore Pratim Biswas who was the showcasing a series of painting on Indian railways which is basically on a memorial experience of 70’s Steam Locomotives in India. Which was exhibited at Lalit Kala Akademi in Delhi in Dec’ 2016 . The capital of India, Delhi had a memorial witness of that show. From the beginning of the day the footfall was awesome and the viewers truly enjoy the steam locomotives which are always have in the museum. The target audience was like; age group of 40 to 60 who had a real experience of the Indian Railway, even they ware shearing and commenting their old memory, emotion and experience with that in the show…


“Indian Steam Locomotives was a fantasy for me. Every early morning I used to go for sketch the locomotives in the workshop. Once  in 1992 I went to sketch there and hear that the locomotives are obsoleted in India. It was a shocking news for me… From that day I started to exploring that series of ‘Nostalgia of Indian Steam Locomotives’ say Mr. Biswas”


Biswas says”Presently there is no alive Steam Locomotive around us. You might be seen in the museum or other places as an antic. My idea is to percent those locomotives to the old and new generation through this show.”

“The “Nostalgic” itself always is an emotional memories of our early days, which we never forget, which is always remain with us. That exciting memories always feel us cheerful… and sentimental… It’s a YOUR & MY Nostalgia… Just be with it…”

For more information plz visit
Web:          http://www.artkishore.com
FB:    http://www.facebook.com/artkishore


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  1. Steam…..brilliant. I have always loved steam and visited India in 1996 to capture the last of metre gauge steam in Gujarat and Rajasthan. You will find some of my photos on my blog if you search for steam. I hope that your exhibition went well.

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    1. Hi Smithiesshutter! It’s great to have a comment on my blog… Thanks for like my work…

      I work on this series so long… I went through you blog. it’s awesome… I got lot of about my country…

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      1. Hi Kishore, it’s good to hear from you and I enjoyed your paintings. Did you find my railway photos?

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  2. Yes I find the locomotives in your blog… It’s very nice… It will help a lot…


  3. annetbell says:

    What a beautiful site! I love all things Indian and will look forward to visiting again soon. I was in India with my professor husband with a group of architecture students Jan -May 2013 and again in Jan-May 2015. We were headquartered in Amedavad and CEPT University with a month of travelling. What a wonderful magical place with kind gentle people! Thanks for the follow. I have lots of Indian posts during the time mentioned above and mixed into the other topics! Have a lovely weekend!

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  4. Thanks a lot to appreciate India… You welcome India AGAIN!


  5. davidprosser says:

    These are not the paintings of a junior artist but of a Master of his Craft.

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    1. HI Davidprosser! Thanks for the comment…
      I like to request u that plz have a look my site: http://www.artkishore.com

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  6. There is nothing more evocative of sheer power than the music of steam. In England we miss the old locos, limited as they are now to pottering around on privately maintained and financed tracks. These pictures look beautiful!

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    1. Hi Frederick!
      Thanks for having a look my work…
      Yes we miss this Nostalgic thing…


  7. ninagrandiose says:

    Wow! You have some very exciting work here. Do you have any exhibits planned in India from Nov. – Jan.? I would really enjoy seeing your work in person! All the best…

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    1. PICA says:

      Thanks Ninagrandiose!
      Yes I have couple of show in next couple of month…
      In face, right now one group show is going in Delhi,
      Thanks, again…
      You can get a better view at: http://www.artkishore.com


      1. ninagrandiose says:

        I will be in Delhi in Feb 2017 and would love to see your show. Where is the venue?


      2. PICA says:

        Probably 2nd week of Feb… Can u connect me on FB, So I can access u quickly… My make Kishore Pratim Biswas… Plz mention ur name…


    2. PICA says:

      Thanks a lot Ninagrandiose!
      Yes there is a couple of show in next years.
      In fact one group show in Delhi is going on…
      You can better view on: http://www.artkishore.com


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