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I was born in a place where I had the opportunity to see Steam Locomotives. Throughout the day the steam engine was around me. Running through the rail track with the sound of whistling and steam. The huge presence of it is body, with the colour of dark black with the white smoke, it is a great colour composition. the smells of steam, everything encouraged me to bring them down at the door of my canvas. I went to the locomotive workshop day after day to study them from the close. I remember that, the using of black, sepia, dark brown and white colour palette was making me crazy. I seriously had fallen in love to study of steam locomotives engine. I felt the huge weight the locomotive, when the engine was passing through me. I loved everything about them. The people of the locomotive were always in a specific dress with a cap. Always they were looked black because of the dust of coal and grease. They had lunch sometimes under the engine, sometimes in the engine, sometimes in the locomotive in a particular aluminium lunchbox, where they share their family story, occasionally I joined with them.Still now I recall the smell of food. That is how the engine-series came. Here they go

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